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Made in the U.S.A. GFSI BRC
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Save your time and money while enjoying fresh deliveries.

Start saving hundreds of dollars per year on dog bones and treats!

Why safe? Single ingredient, hand trimmed, and slow roasted for 30 hours.

Single ingredient sourced from USDA angus cattle with the strictest safety standards available. Always and only Made in the U.S.A.

*Fact is, you'll save about 50% compared to others with our subscription service. Save that cash and see a movie, grab din-din, or take the kids out.


Shipping to your front door once per month, keep your pup's bone and treat supply fresh at all times.

Small Dog Subscription $29.99
Product: Small Dog Subscription

Small Dog Subscription

 $44.99   $29.99
Medium Dog Subscription $29.99
Product: Medium Dog Subscription

Medium Dog Subscription

 $44.99   $29.99
Large Dog Subscription $29.99
Product: Large Dog Subscription

Large Dog Subscription

 $44.99   $29.99

Popular Products

Woof! We've hand picked some of our furry friends' favorites just for you.

Beef Jerky $10.49
Product: Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky

 $12.99   $10.49
Rally $6.99
Product: Rally


 $9.99   $6.99
Liver Bites $8.99
Product: Liver Bites

Liver Bites

 $11.99   $8.99
Pizzle Sticks $11.99
Product: Pizzle Sticks

Pizzle Sticks

 $15.99   $11.99
Max $7.99
Product: Max


 $11.99   $7.99
Indy $5.99
Product: Indy


 $8.99   $5.99

Variety Bundles

Try a little bit of everything for your small, medium, or large pup.

Small Dog Bundle $39.99
Product: Small Dog Bundle

Small Dog Bundle

 $59.99   $39.99
Medium Dog Bundle $39.99
Product: Medium Dog Bundle

Medium Dog Bundle

 $59.99   $39.99
Large Dog Bundle $39.99
Product: Large Dog Bundle

Large Dog Bundle

 $59.99   $39.99


Treats aren't just for the pups! Rock your own Safe Bones Company gear.

Unisex Dog Logo T-Shirt $14.99
Product: Unisex Dog Logo T-Shirt

Unisex Dog Logo T-Shirt

Women's Dog Logo Tank $14.99
Product: Women's Dog Logo Tank

Women's Dog Logo Tank

Get The Best for Pup And Save

Safety Comes First

The best safety procedures possible from our U.S. facilities.


Certified by BRC Global and the Global Safety Food Initiative.


Each product is sourced from USDA cattle born and raised in the U.S.A.

Daily Sanitation Checks

Products are given sanitation checks every single day, ensuring shelf life and freshness.

Single Ingredient

All products are single ingredient with no additives or additional processing.

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