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At Home Dog Grooming Tips

7 At-Home Dog Grooming Tips to Save You Money

We’re all looking for ways to save money and invest in true value. That being said, we don’t always want to cut corners or sacrifice our needs and wants.

When it comes to your dog, things are no different. You want to provide the best for them, but you also want to keep some of that hard earned cash in your pocket.

As a pet parent, you know just how expensive it is to take your dog to the groomer. But when you’re trying to save money, grooming is the last thing you want to forego - for their sake and yours.

The answer, of course, is at-home grooming, which can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars per year. While the topic of DIY grooming can seem overwhelming at first, there are 7 tried and true tricks to get you going in the right direction.

Follow the tips below to save some money on grooming costs without having to sacrifice on your dog’s care.

1. Get the right tools

Knowing which tools to buy can save you tons of money in the long-run because not all brushes or clippers are created equal, and not all dogs need certain grooming tools.

For short haired dogs, stay away from slicker brushes or those with wire bristles; it’s all too easy to scrape or cut your dog’s skin with them, which can quickly lead to an infection (and vet bill). Instead, try brushes with soft bristles, or those with soft, rubber ends like the Zoom Groom.

Long haired dogs fare better with slicker brushes, which can be great for detangling matted hair. Just be sure to brush gently to avoid any knicks.

If your dog’s hair requires regular trims, consider investing in a good set of pet hair-clippers. Human clippers don’t tend to work as well, so it’s worth getting a pair just for your dog.

By investing $75-$100 up front, you can save tons of money down the road on having to replace old, cheap, or worn out clippers. Oster makes excellent animal clippers that are powerful enough for even the fluffiest dogs out there.

If you’re ready and willing to start trimming your dog’s nails to save money, consider purchasing nail clippers with a safety feature that prevents over-cutting. Omega Pet nail clippers come with a safety guard to prevent cutting the quick, which can be incredibly painful and traumatic for your dog.

If you’re not quite confident enough to cut your dog’s nails, yet, that’s okay: Keep reading for another money-saving option.

2. Decide on grooming frequency

Bathing, trimming, and brushing needs all vary from dog to dog. By deciding how frequently each is necessary for your dog, and then sticking to a grooming schedule, you can vastly reduce the need for turning to a professional for help when the job becomes too big (and paying the cost that comes with it).

Short haired dogs naturally require less frequent brushings, while long haired dogs can benefit from being brushed daily.

Bath time should generally happen at least once per month for any dog, but if yours is particularly outdoor-loving, you might opt for one every few weeks.

3. Use the right shampoo

Speaking of bathing, make sure you choose the right dog shampoo because washing your dog with human shampoo is a big no-no, and doing so can easily cause skin irritations. Opt for a dog-specific shampoo to avoid any unnecessary vet trips and costs.

Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo is a great option; it’s both eco-friendly and pet-safe.

4. Don’t forget the ears

Your dog’s ears act as breeding grounds for bacteria - especially if their ears hang down (think floppy ears). Their ear canals retain moisture, and when left uncleaned, infections are almost a given.

Cleaning your dog’s ears is relatively simple; all you need is an animal-safe ear rinse and some cotton balls. Vet’s Best ear rinse is a well-liked, natural option.

To clean your dog’s ears, gently swab the outer area (on the inside of the ear flap), making sure not to go into their inner ear. Before trying the process out, however, consult your vet, as they can show you how to safely do it on your own.

As a rule, always use clean cotton balls after each “wipe,” and check, if not clean, their ears once per week.

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5. Keep grooming tools clean

The easiest way to find yourself constantly shelling out for new grooming tools is by letting maintenance go by the wayside.

Especially with clippers, make sure tools are cleaned after each use (and oiled, when appropriate). Doing so can extend the lifetime of your grooming tools significantly, which can reduce your overall costs.

6. Turn to professionals for tough-to-groom areas

If you’re not quite comfortable cleaning ears, clipping nails, or grooming around sensitive spots like faces, many professional groomers offer walk-in services where they’ll take care of these tough-to-groom areas at a minimal cost.

If you haven’t properly learned how to clean ears, clip nails, or express anal glands, for example (and aren’t too keen on trying), use these quick and cheap services as a supplement to your at-home grooming. By doing so, you’ll be able to continue saving money without having to push your comfort limits.

7. Set up the bathtub

Nothing will lead to a reliance on professional grooming faster than frustrating bath time with your dog. If you haven’t set up your bathtub for grooming, there’s a good chance this task is very last on your list of things to do.

By getting the essentials, though, you can turn bath time into an easy routine.

The three tub tools you need are:

  1. A non-slip mat

  2. A hand-held shower nozzle

  3. A suction cup leash

When your dog feels stable (and their feet aren’t sliding all over the place), bath time will instantly become easier. Add a hand-held nozzle into the mix, and you’re sure to notice a huge change in their tolerance level. And for the pups who still refuse to stand still, a simple suction cup with a hook and small lead can work wonders (it’s what the professionals use).

Of course, even the most pup-friendly bathtub won’t send your dog’s tail wagging right away. The easiest way to get your dog on board with at-home grooming is by using positive reinforcement with healthy treats.

Our pups love getting 100% natural liver bites every time they show off their good behavior, and we’re willing to bet yours will, too.

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