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1/2 lb

Liver Bites

$8.99 11.99

Made from 100% USDA beef liver, these bites make for a snackable treat for any fury friend. Each bag contains one-half pound (8oz) each! If you want a bigger bite, take a look at our Lung Steaks, too.

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Suggested Use:

Intended for all dogs.

Giving Back:

We believe in having a built-in purpose. That’s why with every purchase made we give back 1% to a dog-loving organization.

Product Details:

What matters most: we slow roast our bones at low temperatures for 33 hours, spraying a light mist of au jus liquid smoke that leaves a golden brown finish your dog will love. Hand trimmed, every time.

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Picture of Bart


Owner of Bart

Treats and jerky win the day

Even though Bart is little, he always loves chewing on a treat or jerky of some sort. And he absolutely loves these treats!! Glad they come in big packs. Couldn't be happier.

Picture of Tula


Owner of Tula

Entertainment for hours

So glad I found this company! The bones are safe and easy for my dog, Tula, to digest. She's entertained for hours, and I like knowing where my dog bones and treats are coming from.

Picture of Maverick


Owner of Maverick

Keeps my lumbering lab happy

I love Mav and he loves himself a bone project to work on. These bones are great to keep him happy and occupied when I don't want him dancing around the kitchen, period!

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