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Monthly assortments of bones and treats. Set-it and forget-it for a happy pup!

Small Dog Subscription $29.99
Product: Small Dog Subscription

Small Dog Subscription

 $44.99 Boutique  $29.99
Medium Dog Subscription $29.99
Product: Medium Dog Subscription

Medium Dog Subscription

 $44.99 Boutique  $29.99
Large Dog Subscription $29.99
Product: Large Dog Subscription

Large Dog Subscription

 $44.99 Boutique  $29.99

Safety Comes First

The best safety procedures possible from our U.S. facilities.


Certified by the Global Safety Food Initiative, meaning human grade quality.


BRC Global stamp of approval, far exceeding FDA requirements on every product.

Daily Sanitation Checks

Products are given sanitation checks every single day, ensuring shelf life and freshness.

Single Ingredient

All products are single ingredient, at the most containing a slight mist of liquid smoke.