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Best Dog Toys 2018

The 12 Best Dog Gifts in 2018

Sure, you might shower your dog with treats and toys year round, but with the holidays coming up, it’s time to get a little more creative. Because what’s better than watching a seriously excited pup “unwrap” a new gift? (Not much…)

Treat your pup right this year with some of the tastiest, comfiest, and coolest dog gifts around. You’ll certainly make their day, and we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy it just as much.

Take a look at the 12 best dog gifts over the last year, and start checking things off that shopping list.

1. DJANGO Dog Coats

Does your dog need a coat this winter? If you plan to spend time enjoying the chilly outdoors this year, a high-quality extra layer might be the perfect gift.

This season, DJANGO Dog Coats are our go-to for keeping the pups warm. Their reversible Puffer Jacket in particular is an absolute favorite. The cut is great for outdoor adventures, allowing for full range of motion, and it’s even water and wind resistant.

2. Honest Kitchen Pet Eggnog

It’s true - there really is an eggnog for dogs. The Honest Kitchen makes a delicious (according to the pups) drink that’s perfect for the holidays. Their eggnog is made with just 4 ingredients:

  1. Goat’s milk

  2. Honey

  3. Eggs

  4. Cinnamon

Next time the adults get together for drinks, let your pup in on the fun, too.

3. Safe Bones Bundle

Want to treat your dog to a little variety this year? Mix things up with a curated Safe Bones Bundle - the perfect box of all-natural bones and treats to keep your pup entertained and busy all season long. Plus, with friends and family dropping by over the holidays, there’s no better way to keep an excited dog occupied.

Forego the long checkout lines and order a Bundle to be delivered straight to your front door - save your time for enjoying the holidays.

4. Monogrammed Collar and Leash Set

Your dog might not care what their collar or leash looks like, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with their everyday “accessories.”

The Mark and Graham monogrammed Chelsea Leash is one of our favorites. Walk your pup in style this year, and even better, do it with their quick-drying, odor-resistant product.

5. The iFetch

Your dog might be your best friend, but you’re about to have a new second best friend: The iFetch. This hands-free ball launcher will keep you clean of slobber, and keep your dog happy for hours.

With a little training, your dog can play fetch on their own when you’re not able to join in. After your pup fetches a tennis ball launched by the device, they simply drop it back into the iFetch to be launched again. This is one of those, “why didn’t I think of that?” toys you’ll keep around for years to come.

6. Pooch Selfie

You know all those pictures you have of your dog? The ones where they’re looking away? (Every. Single. Time.) There’s a solution.

If you’re planning any photo sessions this season, you need the Pooch Selfie.

The Pooch Selfie straps a literal tennis ball to the top of your phone. It’ll catch and keep your dog’s attention as long as the photo session lasts. Try it. You’ll see.

7. Paw Soother

The cold, snow, and ice (and deicers) all have the potential to put your pup’s paws in a great deal of pain this winter. Cracked paw pads are just the beginning, but you can avoid it altogether with a high-quality paw balm.

The Natural Company’s Paw Soother is the perfect option for dry, cracked, or peeling paws this winter. Apply it before and after walks to keep their feet pain-free.

8. IQ Treat Ball

Want to keep your dog entertained and mentally engaged while you’re busy or out of the house? Boredom can quickly lead to destruction, so keeping this one at the top of your list is a must.

The IQ Treat Ball is a puzzle toy that dispenses whatever kind of food or treats you want. Leave it with your dog, and they’ll be mentally stimulated for hours.

9. The HydroPet

For pups who spend a lot of time outdoors, The HydroPet might be the perfect gift. This dog water-bowl connects to your hose or sprinkler system outside and refills with water automatically. For large yards, you can even hook several of them up to create multiple pit stops.

The HydroPet is durable, easy to clean, and simple to use. If you and your pup enjoy outdoor life, this one’s a must.

10. Pet Peek

This gift might be overkill for some, but the amount of joy it’ll bring to your dog’s life will be unmatched.

The Pet Peek is a dog window you can install straight into your backyard fence. It’s a clear dome that sticks out from your fence, giving your dog’s head enough room to “peek” out and watch the world go by. If you’ve got a curious pup, they’ll go crazy for this gift.

11. Ruffwear Beacon Safety Light

Whether you and your dog are a team of hunters, hikers, or evening walkers, you need Ruffwear’s Beacon Safety light. Think of it as a bicycle light, but for your dog.

The Beacon easily clips to your dog’s collar and is rechargeable via USB. Not only that, it’s waterproof and comes with multiple light options depending on your situation. Grab The Beacon ASAP to make sure you and your pup stay safe.

12. Tall Tails Fleece Blanket

The next few months will bring a lot of long, cold winter nights; why not gift your dog a warm, fleece blanket?

If your pup’s a snuggler, they’ll love the Tall Tails Holiday Paws Dog Blanket. Not only is it festive, it’s so cozy, you might have a hard time handing it off. It’s machine washable and the perfect size for pups. Besides cuddling up under the covers with you, there might be no better way to keep them warm and comfortable this winter.

Grab the Fleece Blanket or any of these pup gifts for your four legged family member this year and watch the joy ensue.

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