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The 6 Best Dog Parks in the US

In search of the perfect dog park near you? Hitting the road and need a spot to burn off some pup energy along the way? You’re in luck; look no further.

These 6 best dog parks in the US were built with pure enjoyment and happiness in mind. They’re full of lakes, agility courses, shade for days, and so much more. Forget your average fenced in, grassy areas; these parks are like heaven on earth for dogs.

Keep this list for the next time you’re in search of the perfect place to enjoy some outdoor time. There’s no doubt both you and your pup will love them.

1. Bow Wow Beach Dog Park

If you’re nearby Stow, Ohio, Bow Wow Beach absolutely can’t be missed. This park has 7.5 acres of fenced in area surrounding a 5 acre lake. That means your dog can roam completely free and swim to their heart’s desire, without you ever having to worry about them running off.

Bow Wow Beach combines huge grassy areas, a large swimming spot, and lots of trees for shade throughout. If you want your dog to feel one with nature, without constantly having to make sure they’re nearby, this is the spot for you.

2. Beau’s Dream Dog Park

Farther northeast in Lancaster, Pennsylvania is Beau’s Dream Dog Park at Buchanan Park, a man-made, fenced in area that looks just like a playground for pups.

This park is covered in astroturf and has no shortage of tunnels, bridges, places to run, and sprinklers to cool off in. There’s also a large, shaded human area, so plan to spend a couple hours here - there’s no doubt your dog will want to.

3. Bonita Beach Dog Park

Heading outdoors with your pup is one of the best ways to spend your time - for both of you.

Bonita Beach Dog Park, located in Fort Myers, Florida, is one of those places you’ll want to visit just as much as your pup. With shallow gulf water and tons of surrounding nature, it’s the picture perfect place to spend an entire day. In fact, it’s so well-loved, some people even come here without dogs - just to watch the other peoples’ pups having fun.

There are no fences around Bonita Beach Dog park, but the area is designated as an off-leash, dog park area. It’s off the main road, which means no cars nearby. Our suggestion? Bring something to float on under the sun while your dog enjoys themselves all day.

4. Phil Hardberger Dog Park

Phil Hardberger Park is a conservancy in San Antonio, Texas that’s home to two fenced-in dog parks - one for small pups and one for large breeds.

Both parks have tons of shade, picnic tables, ample watering spouts, and more. The larger park has nearly 2 acres of off-leash running space with obstacle courses and shaded shelters throughout.

It gets hot in Texas, but with full-blown watering stations to make use of, your dog will be able to stay hydrated and cool for hours of fun outdoor time.

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5. Shirlington Dog Park

Shirlington Dog Park in Arlington, Virginia is absolutely one of a kind. It’s the perfect mix of natural surroundings combined with safe and accessible logistics.

Shirlington Dog Park has a fully fenced-in space with convenient gated entries. Inside the fence, a walking path separates large grassy areas, and a natural river (also fenced-in) is accessible from multiple points.

Bring your dog to this park and you’ll find a fun mix of dog-human duos alongside families simply enjoying the area.

To top it off, even in such a natural setting, this park provides waste areas and drinking water. Plus, there’s a dog washing shop right outside the gates, so no more worrying about putting a dirty pup into a clean car afterwards.

6. Barkin’ Basin Dog Park

This Las Vegas, Nevada dog park’s size alone will astound you. Not only that, there are two of them - one for small breeds and the other for larger dogs.

The area is perfectly kept, and both parks offer tons of shaded seating space and ample drinking water.

While you won’t find any fancy agility courses or swimming lakes here, there’s no doubt your dog will leave tired and happy after having such a massive space to run around and stretch their legs in.

Barkin’ Basin is popular in the mornings and evenings when the Nevada temperatures cool off, but even in the afternoons, there’s plenty of shade and water to go around.

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