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5 Reasons Having a Dog Is Good for Your Health

Did we mention for your family, too? 

There’s a reason dog’s are called “man’s best friend.” Not much can beat their loyalty, love, and excitement. Day in and out, they’re overflowing with tail wags, pup kisses, and an unbreakable bond.

For all the dog lovers out there - you get it. You know your family is happier with a four-legged family member along for the ride.

Did you know having a dog can affect the actual health of you and your family, too?

It’s not just about the fun walks and car rides with the windows rolled down. Dogs ensure a general healthy well being, to boot.

1. More Outdoor Activity Means A Healthier Lifestyle

You might not be able to get yourself up early every morning to hit the gym, but taking your dog on a walk around the neighborhood is a nice treat for both of you. Even one 30 minute walk per day can do wonders for you and your dog’s health. Those 10,000 steps won’t be so hard to reach, after all.

Not only that, keeping your dog healthy and happy means giving your kids more activity, too. It’s tough to get children these days outdoors and active. The digital world is too appealing. Add a dog to the mix, though, and it’s safe to bet your kids will be happy to go outside for a game of tag or fetch with their pup.

Even better, a dog means more family bonding time. Having a pet tends to bring parents and kids together for walks, a leisurely hangout at the dog park, or even take a pet-friendly vacation.

Bonus: Studies have shown that people with dogs tend to have improved heart health. The literal kind - like lower cholesterol levels and decreased blood pressure.

2. Dogs Are The Most Reliable Shoulder You’ll Ever Need To Lean On

Dogs are naturally empathetic. In fact, it’s been shown they have the mental capacity of a toddler, including the ability to feel emotions. They don’t experience guilt or shame, but they do feel joy and love.

Dogs feel all the emotions that make them excellent companions when times are tough. They also have a serious knack for knowing when you or your family need some affection. The human-dog bond is truly like no other. They’ll be there for you no matter what.

For kids, that means being exposed to a loving, caring friend through some of the most important developmental years of their lives. Having that kind of example promotes nurturing, loving, confident, and compassionate behavior. 

Tip: Let your kids take part in your dog’s training stages. Teach them how to use treats as positive reinforcement. They’ll learn how to share, the difference between right and wrong, and the importance of using praise instead of force when something’s not going exactly how they want.

Keep Your Pup Happy and Loving

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3. Happiness Is Inevitable

When you’re raising a dog, you’re never alone. We can’t stress the benefits of this enough.

Whether you’re living alone (and are prone to spending too much time by yourself) or one of your kids feels lonely and isolated - possibly bullied at school - your dog will be right there. Tail wagging. Offering endless emotional support.

It’s widely believed that dogs can help people experiencing bouts of depression. Some scientists and dog experts seem to think this is a result of having a completely non judgemental companion by your side.

Adults and children alike can benefit from a happiness perspective by having a dog in their lives.

4. Their Love Is Endless

It’s easy to see how a bottomless chasm of love can benefit anyone, any family, and even any animal. We thrive off of love and companionship, and dogs add to that immensely.

While in certain situations it can be unfortunate, a dog will remain loyal and loving regardless of its treatment. They’re programmed to stay by your side through thick and thin.

When paired with a loving family and caring humans, a dog's love becomes even stronger.

It's believed that dogs fight depression is due to their boasting love. It’s easy to see why.

Try this: Dogs will love you no matter what. Their mission in life is to please you. As a family, hold regular training sessions with your pup. Not only will it be fun for everyone involved, it will help your dog fulfill their desire to serve a purpose within your family. Make sure to use natural treats during these training sessions to keep your dog from overeating on unhealthy snacks.

5. Dogs Can Help You Have Purpose, Too

It’s amazing what having another life to take care of does for you. If you want a lesson in selflessness and responsibility, caring for a dog is your answer.

Especially for the young or old, dogs provide an excellent way to see a reason for sticking to a daily routine. Your pup needs you to feed, walk, and bathe them. They need you to let them outside and give them love.

Feeling needed can easily motivate you to improve your daily activities, practice showing compassion, and wake up each day with a purpose.

Moving Forward

Mentally and physically, having a dog is some of the best medicine around. They help fill people’s lives with care and love - in an unlimited supply.

Raising a dog can significantly improve the health of you as an individual, and your family as a whole.

Take a lesson from your four legged family member - always strive to treat them with love and respect, just as they do you.

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