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10 Best Dog Grooming Products in 2017

If you enjoy saving time and money on some of life’s unavoidable needs, you probably end up doing a bit of your dog’s grooming at home.

Making a trip to the groomer means putting a dirty pup in your car, paying a hefty price tag, and scheduling your day around their drop off and pick up times.

At-home grooming still takes some effort, but not to worry: In 2017, some of the most innovative, safe, and helpful products are just a couple clicks away from being delivered right to your door.

We’ve put together a list of the 10 most useful at-home dog grooming products on the market. And whether you prefer to just take care of the basics, or go all-out with your pup’s grooming needs, these tools will absolutely make your pet care easier, faster, and cheaper.

For the Minimalist Groomer

1. Petpost Dog Ear Cleaner

Petpost’s Dog Ear Cleaner is one of our favorite products for the most minimalist, at-home groomers. Dog’s ears are incredibly susceptible to infections (especially when your pup has floppy ears), which makes cleaning them a must.

The great thing about Petpost is that their product is all-natural (which we love) and takes care of both regular cleanings and any infections that pop up. Even better, this formula is alcohol and irritant free, so you won’t have to worry about using harmful chemicals on your pup.

2. Earthbath All Natural Grooming Wipes

For that in-between-time when your dog needs a bath, but you’re not quite ready to give them a bath.

These wipes go perfectly with the ear cleaner above. They’re all natural, irritant free, and 100% biodegradable.

If you and your dog hit the park daily, these are invaluable. Instead of rinsing your pup off every time you come home (and making a mess), simply grab an Earthbath wipe and avoid having to do a full dog-wash.

Tip: They’re also perfect for muddy feet and snout cleanup (for all the droolers out there).

3. The CoatHook

If your dog sheds, you’ve probably tried a dozen different pet brushes. You’ve also probably been frustrated after using them - always finding more hair...everywhere…almost immediately. (As if the brushing never even happened.)

Give The CoatHook a go. The difference between this dog brush and a million others is found at the end of the prongs, where small hooks actually work to remove the shedding hair from your dog’s undercoat.

Their overcoat (protective layer) isn’t damaged, but those wispy, floaty hairs that create layers of fur on your floors, furniture, and even in the air, are gently pulled out.

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For the Aspiring Groomer

4. Safari Professional Nail Trimmers

Whether you’re new to trimming your dog’s nails or often find yourself cutting too far up (and causing a lot unwanted pain), the Safari Professional Nail Trimmers are a lifesaver.

Not only are they well made with stainless steel, they also have a safety stop that only allows you to trim in small increments. It can be tough to gauge how far up to cut on your dog’s nails, but with these, you don’t have to question. Your dog will thank you!

5. Wahl Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Clipper Kit

If you have a medium to long hair dog, you know how quickly their coat grows. Whether you want to trim down for the summer or keep their style in-tact, a great set of clippers are a necessity.

If you’ve never used clippers before, all it takes is a few trial runs to get the hang of it. Start with a small portion of your dog’s hair, trim in tiny increments, and move onto their full coat once you feel comfortable.

We’d suggest using the blade guards that go along with the clippers to minimize any nicks or cuts. Just remember to play it safe and take your time.

The good news is, it won’t take you long to feel like a pro, especially with Wahl, one of the most popular brands on the market (there’s a good chance your pet store groomer even uses them).

6. Furminator

Throw out your lint roller and grab a Furminator. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, you’re in for a treat. The Furminator is one of the most widely used and loved pet brushes around.

Like the CoatHook, this brush works to remove your dog’s undercoat. However, for the most serious shedders (and their humans), the Furminator comes in multiple variations depending on your dog’s size and hair length.

Even better, this deshedder is designed to have no impact on your dog’s skin, like many brushes do. It’s gentle and easy to use - perfect for any aspiring groomer.

7. Aquapaw

If you’re in search of an innovative way to bathe your dog, look no further. Designed by a fellow dog lover, Aquapaw is one of the coolest new products to hit the market.

This gadget takes handheld shower heads to a new level. If you’re an at-home dog bather, you’ve probably tried (and failed) to easily wash your dog in the bathtub.

Aquapaw eliminates all the mess and let’s you wash your pup in the tub or outdoors. This hose or shower attachment slips around your hand and sprays water directly from your palm (where you can easily turn it on or off with the same hand).

While it might not turn bath time into “fun time” for your pup, it’ll definitely make things a lot easier for you.

For the Professional Home Groomer

8. Bissell BarkBath

We all know Bissell for their vacuums, but did you know they have a line of pet cleaning products, too?

For all you pros out there, if you haven’t heard of the Bissell BarkBath, you’re about to be blown away. This at-home bathing system is the closest thing you’ll get to a legitimate, professional, and most importantly, mess free, grooming.

The BarkBath is portable, so you can take it pretty much anywhere. It uses a mess-free system that both washes your dog and sucks the water and dirt into a tank at the same time.

Sound crazy? It’s true. This dog bather washes your pup and then sucks out the mess into an easy to clean tank. If you can’t stand bath-time-mess, here’s your answer.

9. The Doggie Lift

Your dog might look a little funny floating in between your door frame. As soon as you get to work trimming their nails or reaching those tough grooming spots, though, you’ll be a true believer.

The Doggie Lift clings above your door frame, while a safety harness holds your dog off the floor. While it admittedly sounds a bit weird, it does wonders to keep your dog safe while grooming them, trimming their nails, trying to reach sensitive spots, and more.

10. Ultra Low Z-Lift Electric Grooming Table

Lastly, for the true professional, at-home groomer, there’s nothing more helpful than having an adjustable grooming table. Bending down on your hands and knees or lifting your dog onto the kitchen table might not be feasible (and certainly not comfortable) for you.

The Z-Lift Electric Grooming table eliminates all the hassle from grooming efforts. With it, you’ll be able to keep your dog still and at the exact height required to groom their entire bodies.

Even better, the lift process is smooth, meaning your dog won’t try to jump off on the way up. It holds up to 400 pounds, is simple to clean, and adjusts between 12 to 42 inches in height.

If you’re ready to go all-in with your at-home grooming efforts, this is definitely the way to do it.

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