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Natural Dog Bones

When shopping for dog treats, bones, and toys, you don’t just want the safest products around; you want the best, and that certainly applies when it comes to health, too.

Sure, you can find tasty dog chews and snacks pretty much anywhere, but how do they affect your dog’s overall well being? Do they support your pup’s health?

At Safebones Co, we not only believe in providing bones and treats that won’t put your dog’s well being at risk; our products are made to keep your dog healthy, happy, and in top shape, too.

What Makes Us Different From The Rest?

Take a trip to your local pet store and you’ll likely find hundreds of bone and treat options lining the shelves. Decision fatigue is unavoidable! Searching and sifting through countless rows and trying to find bones or treats without harmful additives, preservatives, and unnatural ingredients is tough. It’s tedious and time consuming.

Even if you do find a suitable option for your dog, chances are, the product wasn’t made in the US. Too many treats, bones, and other dog products are imported from counties like China everyday. With low to no food grade standards, anything coming into the US from countries like this - where cheap manufacturing and productions costs outweigh quality - put your dog at extreme risk.

In fact, you might’ve already heard one of the many horror stories of treats coming in from China. Losing your pet, a beloved member of your family, just isn’t worth saving a few bucks. It’s imperative you stay away from these imports.

Safe Bones Co doesn’t allow quantity to overshadow quality. We use absolutely no additives and no preservatives. Our bones come from 100% USDA beef, and we don’t compromise, no matter what the cost.

We commit to producing healthy dog treats and the absolute healthiest dog bones around using human grade safety standards. It’s not required for dogs, which is why so many treats and bones can end up causing more harm than good, but we know how important it is to feed our dogs only the best. We want you to avoid all those terrifying recall notices you hear about online and on the news. For good.

Our bones are the purest, cleanest, and safest available. They’re always made in America, so your dog can maintain their top health while still enjoying tasty bones and treats.

Avoid Harmful Ingredients

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What’s In Our All-Natural Dog Bones and Treats?

Safe Bones Co only makes treats with beef product. That’s it. No preservatives. No additives. No nonsense.

Our bones are the same, with one exception - for dogs who love pork, we also provide an all natural ham bone.

It sounds simple because it is. Dangerous dog food, treat, and bone additives put your pup at risk, and we’ll never include them in our products.

Instead, we commit to slow roasting our dog bones for 33 hours because it locks in flavors and ensures a 24 month shelf life. We also hand trim every single bone before it’s roasted in our Nebraska facilities.

Our bones come from young cattle - no more than 29 months old, which ensures strong, healthy dog products. They’re also finely sprayed with a charcoal mist to help bake in a taste your pup will love.

Put simply, our dog bones are all natural, fresh, healthy, and delicious. Your dog (and you) will love them.

How Will Natural Bones Keep Your Dog Healthy?

Giving your dog bones and treats without additives, preservatives, and imported products will provide your pup an entirely new level of safety and health on its own.

Beyond those benefits are other reasons why healthy dog bones can benefit your pup.

Mental Stimulation: dog bones provide an excellent way to stave off boredom and keep your pup engaged. Dogs maintain natural instincts to chew, and bones placate that.

Clean teeth: While you should still regularly clean your dog’s teeth the old fashioned way, you can rest assured that dog bones will help keep your dog’s teeth from building up too much tartar and plaque between brushings and cleanings.

Nutrients and health: Cheap dog treats don’t add value to your dog’s diet, but all-natural bones will add important nutrients their food may lack.

What Other All-Natural Treats Can Dogs Have?

Besides healthy and natural bones, consider making your own snacks at home. With the right ingredients (and a little love), your dog will be enjoying homemade treats in no time. Check out our 15 best homemade dog treat recipes for some inspiration.

Our Promise

All of Safe Bones Company dog bones and dog treats are 100% Natural and Made in the U.S.A. at our facilities in the beautiful state of Nebraska. 

You’ll never need to be concerned with low quality imported products, or overly processed dog bones, jerky, or other treats. Shop now and treat your dog to something special.

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