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The Best Bones for Dogs

Why Safe Bones Company Is Right For Your Dog

When shopping for your dog, do you ever stop to wonder about the ingredients, process, and care that goes into creating the bones and treats you give them? Do you think about the important safety and health risks associated with whichever brand you choose? Is your purchase ultimately dictated by deciding which company offers the absolute best bones for dogs?

Treating your pup is one of the many joys involved in raising a four legged companion, and we think it’s safe to assume that you want to absolute best, highest quality products the market can provide. Of course, you also want to ensure their health and safety while keeping happiness a priority, too!

That’s where Safe Bones Company comes in. We believe that your dog is worthy of placating its natural chewing habits and being treated for good behavior with premium dog bones and treats. By using no added ingredients, and keeping quality and safety at the forefront of our minds, we want to make sure both you and your dog remain lifelong, satisfied customers.

What makes us different from the rest?

To start off, let’s talk about what you won’t find when joining forces with Safe Bones Company to treat your dog.

You Won’t Find Limited Transparency

We live and breathe a 100% transparent company life. Just as you strive to keep your dog in peak condition, we do, too - with your pup, and ours.

We are dog owners, plain and simple, and we understand wanting to provide only the best for our family.

Our goals and your vision are the exact same - at the end of the day, we just want happy and healthy dogs. To achieve the highest level of assurance between our products and your family, you need to know that your satisfaction and your dog’s health are both our top priority.

That’s why you’ll never find any hidden ingredients in our bones and treats. You’ll never receive products from anywhere outside of the U.S. You and your dog will never receive anything from Safe Bones Company that isn’t the most natural bone available or the highest quality treat to be found.

100% natural and made in the U.S.A. bones.

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You Won’t Find A Big Box Retailer

Safe Bones Co is a customer service and satisfaction focused company. Put simply, we’re not a big box retailer; we genuinely care about our customers.

We strive to provide you with a pleasant and assured buying experience, followed by a safe, fun, and healthy activity for your dog to enjoy.

Unlike us, big box retailers tend to only care about profits, and not much else. Dog product sellers like Amazon, Petco, or Petsmart are known to cut corners in order to cut costs. They sacrifice quality for profit, and turn a blind eye to the risk they put on pet owning families in the process.

Safe Bones Co is different. We’re a small company that doesn’t risk using cheaper products in order to churn a larger profit. In fact, every single one of our bones and treats falls under human food grade standards. When we say we offer quality, we truly mean it.

Let’s put it this way: With Safe Bones Company, you won’t find any of the risk that you so adamantly aim to avoid.

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Here’s what you will find:

You Will Find Safe Products

We genuinely aim to provide the absolute best bones for dogs.

That means:

  • No contamination

  • No unseen flaws

  • No low-quality ingredients

Our dog bones are slow roasted for 33 hours, during which a number of beneficial things happen.

To start, slow roasting ensures that your dog’s bone won’t splinter while it’s being chewed on. Companies that don’t correctly put their bones through this process provide the potentially dangerous risk of small bone splinters being ingested by your dog. A whole host of serious internal issues can result from bone splinters, making the slow roasting process absolutely essential.

Roasting dog bones also kills off any harmful bacteria that would otherwise find its way into your dog’s body. Safe Bones Company provides roasted dog bones with no salmonella and no microbial proliferation.

If you’ve kept your ear on the media’s pulse in the past years, you’ve probably become aware of the mass recalls by other pet product companies due to contamination. Outbreaks of E.Coli and salmonella were widespread.

You won’t receive any contaminated products from us. Our slow roasted and hand trimmed bones, careful handling and packaging of products, and use of the best ingredients available all combine to ensure the highest level of safety for your dog.

On top of that, our bones offer a 24-month shelf life, bringing your dog’s risk of contamination down even further. It’s all too easy to let bones and treats go bad without realizing it (until it’s too late). Set your dog up for wellness by reducing that possibility.

You Will Find High Quality Ingredients

Safe Bones Company offers a variety of bones and treats, all with exceptionally high quality ingredients. In fact, as mentioned above, our products all meet human food grade standards. Even our jerky contains only USDA beef (your dog’s treats might end up being healthier than your own!), and our bones serve to naturally clean your dog’s teeth.

We cringe at the thought of treating our own dogs with filler ingredient packed products, and we can’t fathom risking your dog’s health, either. While cheaply made treats and bones might come at a lower price point, the safety and happiness of your dog far outweighs the risk of taking years off their lifespan or causing them unnecessary discomfort and pain.

We understand and value the importance of high quality ingredients, and that’s all you’ll find with us.

You Will Find A Company That Cares

Not only do we care deeply about your pup, we also value the ability to give back to organizations and communities across the globe.

With each purchase, Safe Bones Company donates a percentage of sales to an organization of your choosing.

That’s right - we give back on each order, and you pick where the money goes. Your dog won’t be the only one who benefits from your purchase; it’s a win-win.

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We know you would never intentionally put your dog at risk, but sometimes it’s tough to weed through the vast array of available products on the market. Rest assured that with Safe Bones Company, you’ll only find the best bones for dogs.

We wouldn’t feed our own dogs anything but the highest quality products, and we won’t commit to anything else when it comes to your dog, either.

Our Promise

All of Safe Bones Company dog bones and dog treats are 100% Natural and Made in the U.S.A. at our facilities in the beautiful state of Nebraska. 

You’ll never need to be concerned with low quality imported products, or overly processed dog bones, jerky, or other treats. Shop now and treat your dog to something special.

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