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Save Thousands on Dog Bones and Treats

When you added a pup to your family, you knew certain costs would come along with them. Vet bills, food, bones, toys, and treats are a huge part of your dog’s life, and they all cost money.

Just like you appreciate savings on your own food, clothes, and other necessities, you enjoy receiving them when it comes to your dog, too.

The trick is to find a balance. You want high quality, healthy, and safe products for both you and your dog, not the cheapest, most chemical-laden food or snacks, right?

With that in mind, however, you also want to avoid paying an arm and a leg.

Put simply, you want value. You want to save money, while still receiving the highest quality products.

The Cost of Raising a Dog

We won’t get too technical here, so let’s forego the vet bills and food for now. Instead, we want to focus on bones and treats (big surprise, huh?).

Consider this: Pup families who shop at pet boutiques spend an average of $65-$70 per month on dog treats and bones.

$70 per month, and that doesn’t even take into account food, toys, and other necessary costs.

Compare that to a dog’s average lifespan, which is about 12 years.

That comes out to $9,360-$10,080 over a dog’s lifetime.

$10,000+ on bones and treats? Seems like a lot, doesn’t it?

What many pet boutique shoppers don’t realize is that they’re paying vastly inflated prices.

They’re paying for the atmosphere in which they’re shopping - for the high ticket look, which doesn’t necessarily translate to the quality of product being sold.

Instead of simply paying for the bones and treats they’re getting, customers are contributing toward boutiques’ hefty markups (which is kind of frustrating, when you think about it).

Why not just pay for what you want, without all the fuss?

The Highest Quality Products + Money Saving

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How to Save Thousands of Dollars

We at Safe Bones Co have a hard time spending more money than we need to on things we could get easier and cheaper elsewhere.

We would never feel right paying outrageous markups, and we wouldn’t feel right asking you to, either.

Our affordable costs are achievable for a number of reasons, but they start with our online storefront.

Whereas pet boutiques add zeros to their products in an attempt to cover their high cost of operation, we simply don’t need to. We don’t pay exorbitant rental prices or any of the other fees that come with running a boutique.

Instead, we intentionally keep our costs as low as possible so that you keep your costs as low as possible.

So where does “saving thousands” come in?

Safe Bones Co offers dog bones and treats at about 50% off pet boutique prices.

Our bundles, for example, are made to provide a month’s worth of bones and treats for your dog at a price point of only $32.99.

Compared to the yearly costs of buying those same products (often of lesser quality) at a pet boutique, you could be saving $400 per year with our bundles. Not only that, they’re delivered right to your front door, so no more sitting in traffic, searching for parking, or waiting in a checkout line.

Here’s the kicker: Over a dog’s average lifetime, that amounts to a savings of about $5,000.

Again, seems like a lot, doesn’t it (it is!)?

When you look at the numbers, the choice on where to shop becomes a no-brainer. With pet boutiques inflating their prices by as much as 1,000%, it’s hard to feel good about your purchase.

Knowing you’re getting a 50% price cut, with your dog’s bones and treats arriving neatly packed, straight to your front door? Now that’s a different story.

Making the Switch

If you haven’t already, order your dog’s next month of high quality bones and treats in one of our bundles, filled with our favorite all-natural, hand-picked products.

Watch your savings add up, and relax in the convenience of never having to stand in a pet store checkout line again.

Browse our Bundles today, and see which ones are right for your dog.

Our Promise

All of Safe Bones Company dog bones and dog treats are 100% Natural and Made in the U.S.A. at our facilities in the beautiful state of Nebraska. 

You’ll never need to be concerned with low quality imported products, or overly processed dog bones, jerky, or other treats. Shop now and treat your dog to something special.

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