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Rawhide Dog Bone Alternatives

What Can I Give My Dog Instead of Rawhide and Why Does It Matter?

Searching for quality rawhide alternatives can be time consuming and confusing, but would you put your dog’s life at risk in order to breeze through the pet store checkout line with a run of the mill bone?

We understand how nerve wracking and tedious it can be to search for bones and treats that will keep your pup healthy and happy. False or misleading packaging and claims can often leave you wondering what really is best for your dog. Weighing every single option as you slowly make your way down the bone aisle can quickly become exhausting.

That’s why we’re so adamant about providing only the highest quality products - bones and treats that will put your (and your dog’s) mind at ease. We know the dangers associated with processed and unregulated bones, and we refuse to put our own dogs - or yours - at risk.

Why You Should Consider Rawhide Alternatives

Understanding the process behind these “raw” bones will shed light on all the dangers your dog faces by indulging in this type of treat.

Rawhide bones are essentially like leather; they’re typically made out of cow and horse hides - not actual bones. They’re separated from the outer lining of the hide (the part that’s used to make leather products), with the “raw” portion being sent out to pet product facilities.

To give these bones their color and long shelf-life, rawhides are bleached and processed using all sorts of chemicals. They’re then artificially dyed and glued into pressed shapes.

Put simply, these chew treats are anything but healthy - they’re downright toxic.

What Are the Dangers of Rawhide?

Besides the chemical processing these dog chews go through, low rawhide safety standards also contribute to a host of other potentially serious issues.

1. Choking

Rawhide treats are supposed to soften up as your dog chews, allowing them to break apart into easily digestible pieces.

However, a persistent problem faced by veterinarians is that in many dog’s eagerness to enjoy their treat, they don’t allow sufficient time for the bone to fully soften. Hard pieces often break off, which ends up wreaking havoc on a dog’s digestive system - often calling for emergency surgery.

Stick to 100% natural bones and treats.

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2. Contamination

FDA recalls on rawhide chew toys are nothing out of the norm.

The reason?

Aside from the many choking cases, a large portion of store-bought rawhide treats are imported from outside of the U.S. - specifically China - where the food standards we work by here in the states don’t exist.

Importing products allows companies to bypass required food safety rules, distribute dog chews at an extremely low cost, and soak in all the profits.

The problem?

Your dog is an afterthought.

Thousands of products continue to be pulled from shelves as companies refuse to cease their dangerous practices. Be sure to make smart purchasing decisions so that your dog doesn’t fall victim, too.

3. Digestive Issues

The process of creating rawhide bones involves tons of chemicals and dyes. Not surprisingly, there’s a good chance your dog’s stomach won’t be able to handle it all.

Digestive issues related to this type of dog chew are all too common. Diarrhea, vomiting, and other severe allergic reactions are all dangerous side effects to be aware of when considering rawhide.

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The Best Rawhide Alternative

Our company name speaks for itself. At Safe Bones Co, we truly aim to provide the absolute safest and healthiest pet products around.

If we wouldn’t give a bone or treat to our own dogs, we won’t give it to yours.

Outside of rawhide, any bone that is highly processed or cooked at extreme temperatures poses a serious threat to your dog. Choking, reactions to chemical processing, and contamination are only a few of the many concerns to consider.

Play it safe, and choose one of our many slow roasted, contamination-free bones to treat your dog instead.

Unlike companies who import to save on costs, our products all come from inside the U.S., where food safety standards serve to keep your pets (and you) safe. Not only that, Safe Bones Co also uses a third party auditing firm to verify that all products adhere to the highest safety standards. 

Our 100% natural bones and treats are sent through the ringer before ever reaching your dog’s mouth; we want to provide you with absolute peace of mind.

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What's Our Process?

The Safe Bones Co process always slow roasts bones for 33 hours to maintain flavor and safe shelf-life (up to 24 months). Our bones are also hand-trimmed, meaning your dog won’t end up with sharp bits and pieces to potentially choke on. To top it off, our process uses absolutely no additives or preservatives - when we say all natural, we truly mean it.

Before you buy your dog’s next bone, consider whether or not your product choice will put their life in danger.

While rawhides and other generic (processed) dog bones might be an easy or economical choice, the convenience factor will never be worth risking your dog’s life.

Instead, choose American-Made bones and treats that put your dog first.

We mean what we say!

All of Safe Bones Company dog bones and dog treats are 100% Natural and Made in the U.S.A. at our facilities in the beautiful state of Nebraska. 

You’ll never need to be concerned with low quality imported products, or overly processed dog bones, jerky, or other treats. Shop now and treat your dog to something special.

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