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Raising a Puppy: How to Introduce Bones

Do you have a puppy or young dog that’s in desperate need of some chewing action? Maybe they’re going through the teething stage and need something to sooth their gums. Or maybe they’re getting ahold of too many household items, and you’re desperately searching for an alternative.

Whatever your reasons are for giving your puppy a bone, they’re well warranted and necessary; puppies need the mental stimulation and health benefits that bones provide.

Of course, when it comes to young dogs, or even new dogs, it’s important to know how to safely introduce products like puppy bones or puppy treats into their diet.

If not done correctly, your dog could suffer from an stomach upset, vomiting, and diarrhea. The high protein found in natural bones and treats are a wonderful way to supplement their diet, but having never been exposed to certain foods before, they could suffer from several common side effects.

Whether your pup has just come home after leaving its mother, or you’ve gone the adoption route and are bringing your adopted puppy to their new home - if this will be their first time around bones, following a set of simple steps will lessen the chance of stomach upset and dog illness.

Steps To Introducing Bones For The First Time

1. Choose Bones With A Single Ingredient

We can’t say this enough, so we’ll say it again: Always provide your pup with all-natural products. What does that mean?

Single ingredients!

If you look on the back of a food label and see a long list of ingredients (most of which you can’t pronounce), there’s a good chance your dog’s body will have a hard time handling and digesting the “food.” Chemicals, by products, dyes, and fillers are all harmful to your dog’s stomach and should be avoided whenever possible.

The same holds true for bones. You might think this shouldn’t be an issue - a bone is a bone right?

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Many manufacturers put their bones through chemical processing and pump them with dyes so they look appealing on shelves. Don’t be fooled by the fun shapes and colors - your dog’s digestive system will end up paying the price.

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2. Introduce The Bone Slowly

It takes 24 hours for a dog to build up the stomach enzymes necessary to fully digest bone material. There’s a good chance your dog will try to devour the bone as quickly as it can, especially having never tried one of these delicious treats before. However, their bodies need time to learn how to digest bones properly.

The best way to allow that is by giving your dog its new bone for no more than five minutes on the first day. Let their body prepare for consumption. After a full 24 hours has gone by, your dog’s body should have the proper enzymes for digestion, so try introducing the bone again, this time for a slightly longer period of time.

3. Monitor The Chewing

Owner guidance and supervision are essential keys to this process. Play it safe, and never give your dog a bone unattended. While it might be easy to occupy them by doing so, without keeping a watchful eye on your pup, the bone could end up being consumed too quickly or broken apart into pieces that shouldn’t be swallowed whole.

As a dog owner, make sure you’re constantly monitoring their chew time. Give your pet their bone for controlled amounts of time, every time. If they’re avid or aggressive chewers, that’s even more reason to watch them with a close eye. Not only can quick consumption disrupt and throw off their digestion, but consuming bones down to the last bite is simply an unsafe practice.

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Moving Forward

There are endless ins and outs to raising a young dog or puppy; making sure their food, bones, and treats are safe holds a place close to the top of the list.


  • Choose products with single ingredients

  • Introduce bones slowly

  • Always monitor chew time!

By following the steps laid out above, your new four legged family member will have a much better chance of avoiding any upset stomach that comes along with introducing all-natural bones to their diet.

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